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Does Florida Have Four Seasons?

We certainly do have four seasons not just one long summer and a short spring! The visual cues of the seasons will depend upon where you are in the state.  If you are on the gulf coast most of the trees and shrubs you will see are evergreen e.g. live oak, laurel oak, palm trees, mangroves etc.  These plants/trees can tolerate the effects of sea spray.  Deciduous trees (lose leaves in the fall/winter) are not common on the coast line but are found more inland and in north Florida.  We have planted deciduous trees in urban areas near the coast such as the sycamore tree.  We can see the color change in the fall from this type of tree. Just a short ride up I-75 and in the fall, which comes later in Florida than our northern states, you will see a lot of color change from cypress, red maple and sweetgum trees. Likewise in the spring you will see these trees begin to produce new leaves heralding the seasonal change. In addition there are a number of trees, grasses and shrubs that flower in the spring. The seasonal change is caused by two physical phenomena: length of the day and the change in temperature which are not mutually exclusive.  However, different species display physical changes based on responses to one of these changes or both. Some trees begin to lose leaves based on the length of the day. Others require a frost before they begin to change.  Some migratory birds begin to put on fat for migration due to the change in the length of the day. Notice how the change in daylight or temperature effects you. We too have physical and emotional changes with the seasons.

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