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We’re very proud of our long-standing reputation as a reliable and resourceful environmental consultant who can balance protecting our environment with business needs in mind.

See what our clients say about us:

“As an environmental lawyer with engineering and biological degrees, working as a consultant and attorney on environmental issues for over 35 years in Florida and over 40 other states, I frequently recommend Rosanne Clementi and have enjoyed working with her for many years.

“Ms. Clementi is a very savvy and experienced professional who is one of the best wetlands ecologists with whom I have worked. She is efficient and knowledgeable in her scientific approach and very helpful and useful to her clients in advocating their viewpoints as appropriate within her professional role.”

Frank L. Hearne, Esq.
Mechanik Nuccio Hearne & Wester, P.A

“Directly after starting my first land development company, I was introduced to Rosanne by one of the engineering companies I hired. Since that project I have used Rosanne as my chief environmental scientist on all my projects.

“It gives me great comfort to know that while she is a good steward of our environment and very knowledgeable regarding the rules of development, she is constantly searching for innovative ways to accomplish our goals for our projects. She has proven to be a VERY valuable member of my development team.”

Michael Lawrence
Louisiana Development Investments, LLC

“In the 20+ years that I have known and worked with Rosanne, I have grown to respect her approach to successfully permitting projects.

Her knowledge of the agencies, and the rules and regulations clearly give her the competitive edge over others in the field.

Rosanne listens to the goals and objectives of the Client and finds the best approach to achieving them. Whether it be negotiating wetlands limits or mitigating wetland infringements, Rosanne fights hard for the Client, while being sensitive to the value of the ecosystem and surrounding environment.

When there are wetlands issues, I want the person who is respected and firm but fair on my side….that’s why I choose Rosanne.”

David Bartz
Atwell, LLC

“I have worked with Rosanne for more than 30 years. During that time she worked for the Department of Environmental Regulation and, in the mid-1980s, went into private practice. I have absolute confidence in her advice and know she will work diligently to make certain everything runs as smoothly as possible.

During all my time working with Rosanne I found her to be dependable and honest. The word ‘integrity’ comes to mind when describing her.”

David Hurley
Landmark Engineering and Surveying Corporation

For environmental consulting that unites environment and development objectives, look to Clementi Environmental. Contact us now at 813-227-8901 or send us an email.
Clementi Environmental Services