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Clementi Environmental offers a variety of stormwater run-off and drainage services to address stormwater run-off and water quality. From stormwater systems inspections and forward-thinking stormwater systems design, consulting and on-site services, we offer greater confidence for you and your clients that your stormwater systems and operations will be in compliance with local codes and ordinances, all while lowering operating and maintenance costs.

As cutting edge environmental consultants, Clementi Environmental keeps abreast of the many stormwater rules and regulations that can impact your final stormwater design. Our goal is to help you construct systems where both water and land resources dedicated to stormwater are not only safe for the environment but also cost-effective.

Stormwater Treatment Designs
Clementi Environmental Consulting works with engineers, builders and landscape architects to develop and create stormwater treatment designs that are optimally efficient to build, operate and maintain. We’re known for designing effective stormwater systems that are simpler and less costly to maintain after you finish your project. Our designs, which follow natural landforms where feasible, also help identify ways to reduce the amount of land needed for stormwater treatment, lowering your upfront costs even more.

For example, new stormwater rules based on nutrient loads and removal that are going to be implemented will require rethinking structural solutions as well as special landscape designs. It has already been determined that the nutrient based criteria will increase the size of stormwater ponds.

Clementi Environmental consultants will provide you with alternative forward-thinking stormwater designs that will help keep the ponds from doubling in size. This includes stormwater designs that might encourage you to rethink your landscaping, add deed restrictions on fertilizer and watering and/or make off-site drainage improvements. You’ll also benefit from our first-hand knowledge of working with homeowners associations (HOA) and Community Development Districts (CDD), most of whom are unaware of the costs to maintain mitigation and stormwater ponds.

Seasonal Water Elevations
Water table assessments to gauge seasonal water elevations and annual fluctuations with respect to ground surface are a critical measurement to prevent structural failures in stormwater management ponds and retention basins. Our water elevation reports provide the data and reports you need to ensure a properly-built stormwater drainage system.

Planting Designs
Look to Clementi Environment landscape design specialists for planting designs that make any overall stormwater system more aesthetically pleasing to residents and local zoning boards. This includes the use of trees, water-tolerant plants and shrubs, xeriscaping, mulch, grasses, soil redistribution, grading and embankment shaping, sprinkler systems, and other elements strategically situated around the stormwater system or retention pond.

Water Quality Assessments
As your advocate, Clementi Environmental can implement water quality assessments to determine the presence of pollutants. If our water quality investigation reveals issues, we can work with you to refine the current stormwater system to reduce its negative impact.

Stormwater System Inspections
To ensure that your stormwater system is running at peak efficiency, Clementi Environmental can assist your engineer with thorough inspections to ensure no blockage or flooding issues. We use state-of-the-art equipment that can also help identify potential problems which can be corrected before they become costly repairs. In addition to giving you our findings, our custom reports will provide you with the data and information needed to comply with city or county inspection requirements.

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