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Why Use an Environmental Consultant?

As an environmental consultant, our job at Clementi Environmental Consulting is to ensure that any type of construction or land-use modification won’t have a negative impact on its ecological and environmental surroundings. And with so many federal, state and local regulations to comply with, it’s wise to choose an environmental consultant like Clementi Environmental who can help with planning, design and implementation from the get-go to avoid costly pitfalls.

Listed below are just a few of the hundreds of situations in which individuals, businesses, homeowners associations, industries, municipalities and other organizations involved with real estate might consider hiring an environmental consultant:

  • You are a developer, or work for a developer, and need to ensure your plans meet myriad Federal, state and local environmental regulations.
  • You are a builder who wants to acquire land adjacent to a wildlife habitat. You need a wildlife survey and land design to maximize land use while minimizing habitat encroachment.
  • You are thinking of constructing ponds on your property. To be constructed properly, this type of project requires environmental permits and engineering design, especially if wetlands are involved.
  • You have a problem with soil erosion and runoff on your property.
  • You are a city manager, municipal engineer or local planning official considering stormwater upgrades and improvements.
  • Your homeowner’s association wants to assess the water quality of its man-made lake.
  • Your company is about to buy a property previously occupied by another business. You may need a site assessment for the property to obtain financing.
  • Your community wants to protect its new well field by developing a wellhead protection plan.
  • You’re an attorney faced with environmental or eminent domain litigation and need an expert environmental consultant to assist with your case.
  • You own a service station with an underground fuel storage tank that is suspected of leaking.

Whatever your environmental needs may be, make it a point to contact Clementi Environmental Consulting first.

Clementi Environmental Services