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Wildlife Surveys

Clementi Environmental has been successfully performing wildlife surveys in a variety of ecosystems for years to assist engineers, planners, developers and builders to comply with wildlife agencies regulations. In addition, we use GIS to map results and investigate the known occurrences of listed wildlife species.

For added efficiencies, wildlife surveys can be performed in conjunction with our environmental assessments or wetlands delineations, as well as a stand-alone project.

Federal and State Threatened and Endangered Species Permitting
There are two ways an animal is listed as imperiled: by the state agency and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Some animals are listed by one or both. As a result, we might have to permit the relocation or take of a species with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service but not the state, and vice versa. Clementi Environmental can help coordinate surveys so that one survey can efficiently and effectively meet the requirements of several agencies.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Authorized Agent for Gopher Tortoise Surveys and Relocation
Clementi Environmental Consulting is an authorized permitted agent for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for Gopher Tortoise surveys (including the commensals), permitting and relocation.

The gopher tortoise is one of the most frequently permitted/relocated animals in Florida. The state has listed it as endangered but it is not listed that high on the federal list. A professional must be permitted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Our qualified team offers the capability to complete extensive surveys. We’re also authorized agents permitted to supervise the backhoe operator. We will find the least expensive recipient site and offer you turnkey, expedient service.

Additional Wildlife Surveys
We also perform surveys for the Florida Scrub Jay, Sherman’s Fox Squirrel, Burrowing Owl, Bald Eagle, Sand Skink and Caracara.

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