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Phase I Site Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (PIESA)
The purpose of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment report is to determine if hazardous or petroleum products were ever stored or mishandled on the site or neighboring sites. As an example, groundwater contamination from a neighboring site could “harm” another property. These studies provide background information for NEPA documents.

A Due Diligence investigation can employ either an environmental assessment and/or a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (PIESA). However, the Phase 1 ESA is only used to determine the presence or previous use of petroleum and hazardous materials on the property or nearby properties. It is not designed to assess any natural features on the property although they might be mentioned in the report.  EPA has been working with ASTM to make sure the standard is compliant with All Appropriate Inquiry.  ASTM has published 1527-13 to replace 1527-5. Clementi Environmental has attended seminars with experts in this field and we are prepared to be compliant with the revised standards.

A trained and experienced environmental professional must conduct this work. Clementi Environmental can provide you a proposal and completed Phase I ESA in a timely manner, covering reviewing records; performing a site visit; and interviewing owners, occupants, and local government officials.

We now have a certified asbestos inspector (not licensed) and can give you information on whether friable asbestos could be present in a building you are considering for purchase. Although asbestos is not approved for use in the United States, many products are still being imported containing asbestos.

We also provide a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and can provide a turnkey solution for a project site that might have hazardous contamination.

For your next Phase I ESA, be sure to contact Clementi Environmental Consultants first!
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