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Lake, Pond and Wetlands Ecosystems Management

As a full-service wetlands consultant, Clementi Environmental offers not only planning and design expertise for wetlands, lakes and ponds, we can provide field crews to manage and keep these ecosystems as natural as possible and in compliance with your permits in safe and environmentally-friendly ways. If your property includes any body of water, upland habitat or wetlands, maintenance and upkeep are critical for both aesthetic and permit compliance reasons.

Aquatic Weed Control for Ponds, Wetlands and Lakes
Often subdivisions are required to maintain the wetlands and uplands on their property which are prescribed in the permits by state or local environmental agencies. In some cases, these wetlands are converted into ponds. Other developments choose, for aesthetic reasons, to maintain their ponds so they’re free of excess algae and other nuisance and exotic species. Upland habitats that are preserved in developments also require annual maintenance.

Clementi Environmental can consult with you on the type of maintenance required, as well as provide field crews who can maintain stormwater ponds, natural wetlands and natural lakes.

Water Quality Sampling and Data Interpretation
There are many reasons for testing water on your property: meet permit requirements; document baseline conditions of wetlands, lakes or ponds; understand and measure the continuing effects of land uses, and so on.

Clementi Environmental has the experience and expertise to not only collect water quality samples for testing at EPA approved labs, we can also interpret the results of the water quality testing for you.

For more information about our wetlands and ecosystems management services for your properties, contact Clementi Environmental today. You can also give us a call at 813-227-8901.
Clementi Environmental Services