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Wetlands Design, Mitigation and Management

As a wetlands consultant, we recognize that wetlands are socially and economically recognized as playing an important role in our ecological system. To combat declining wetlands acreage due to changing land use priorities, federal, state and local governments have imposed permitting and mitigation regulations to preserve or restore wetlands.

Clementi Environmental Consulting has successfully designed and created thousands of acres of wetland compensation projects for primary and secondary impacts. All of us at Clementi Environmental recognize that land is developed for a profitable venture, so rely on us to help you accomplish this goal.

Our staff offers complete wetlands-related services including permit-compliant design, implementation and on-going management:

Wetland Creation & Mitigation | Restoration | On-Site Maintenance

Wetland Creation / Wetland Mitigation Solutions

If the property you own includes areas classified as wetlands, those areas are subject to federal and state laws and permits. Wetlands may be created from upland habitat if you are permitted to fill a natural wetland on your property. However, wetland mitigation also includes the restoration or preservation of wetlands that have been lost or impacted by previous land uses.

On-site mitigation is often difficult, so we will find the best solution for your situation. This could include mitigation banks or other off-site opportunities, or envision future credit trades with entities other than mitigation banks.

Clementi Environmental can help you with Wetlands Creation and Mitigation in several key ways:

  • Identify areas for wetland creation that will not affect your ability to efficiently utilize your site – we will look for wetland and upland enhancement opportunities before we excavate your valuable upland habitat.
  • Create wetland creation designs that comply with wetlands permitting – we create designs in AutoCAD® software so engineers and architects can easily insert our design into their construction plans. Our designs are created to be the least expensive possible to construct, plant and maintain. Aesthetics are also integrated with our designs to complement your upland landscaping.
  • Implement excavation and planting – As a hands-on consulting firm, we have the personnel and equipment to physically excavate the area to achieve the proper grade on the property to create the wetland, and then to plant the area to enhance its landscape and provide a wetlands buffer.

Wetland and Upland Habitat Restoration

Another major problem for developed land is the lack of fire. It is no longer feasible to set controlled fires in densely-populated subdivisions. Fire is an important natural occurrence that maintains both upland and wetland habitat, are no longer feasible. Without a managed fire, areas can become overgrown by invasive and native plants and destroy wildlife habitats.

Clementi Environmental offers mechanical maintenance as an alternative to fire through the use of brush blades and other power tools to simulate the positive effects of fire without lighting a single match.

On-Site Wetlands and Upland Habitat Maintenance

Our expert field crew is available to maintain stormwater ponds, natural wetlands, natural lakes and upland habitats for each property. Not only is contracting with us cost-effective, you can rest assured that the job will be done to maintain not only esthetics but also compliance.

Please contact us for your wetlands design, restoration and management today. You can also call us on now at 813-227-8901.
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