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Environmental Due Diligence and Assessments

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The staff at Clementi Environmental works hand-in-hand with engineers, planners and appraisers to assist clients in understanding how the current physical features of a piece of property will play into their future plans. Our approach is to be a team player in conducting the necessary studies and producing articulate, informative reports that contribute to helping the client make a “go-no go” decision on the property purchase.

Due Diligence
In the world of real estate, it is common and customary to do an evaluation of a piece of property before one purchases it, known as due diligence. When considering the purchase of vacant land, especially for development, the due diligence may require the skills of an engineer, planner, appraiser and an environmental consultant like Clementi. This includes investigating not only the current state of the land, but more importantly, the highest and best use of the land, and how its physical condition enhances or might restrict achieving that highest and best use.

Environmental Site Assessment
An environmental assessment is used to depict the location, size, etc. of natural features such as wetlands, ponds, lakes, unique upland habitat, specially designated lands nearby and the location of listed animal species. We can convert our work in GIS to Autocad® that can be used by your engineer for conceptual designs.

In particular, an environmental site assessment refers to being careful that the property being acquired does not entail significant and insurmountable liabilities associated with the cleanup or management of past hazardous waste activities. The Environmental Site Assessment serves as a risk assessment and management tool for environmental liabilities associated with real estate acquisitions.

We use the state of the art computer software (GIS) to depict the shape, size and location of these features, including current and older aerial photographs, where available, to graphically depict the history of the tract.

The land’s past use is also important. This is where a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is also of value during the due diligence assessment process.

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