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Environmental Consultants Should be First

Clementi Environmental ServicesAn environmental consultant is as important to your development team to your development team as the architect or engineer.  Construction is starting to pick up including new roads being planned by counties and the state.  Everyone is looking for a great deal on the best corner.  But use caution!

Sometimes consultants  use only one tool,  the National Wetland Inventory (NWI) maps, that are available in the GIS data base.  While these maps have some utility, they can be grossly inaccurate.  The NWI maps were developed/created without any ground inspections for the entire United States.  We have seen hills mapped as wetlands and vice versa.

At Clementi Environmental Consulting, we always review all the maps that are available in the GIS data base, Google Earth and local current aerials.  One map may not provide all the necessary basic information.  We use soil maps and landuse maps from state or local agencies.  It is very common that none of these maps show common features.

In the long run there is no substitute for having an environmental scientist/ecologist  inspect the property.  During these inspections the consultant can also look for threatened and endangered species.

Don’t skip this step.

The money you pay on the front end will say you a lot of money on the back end.  Please call at Clementi Environmental Consulting.  We guarantee that we will be very responsive to your needs.

Clementi Environmental Services